Thursday, December 17, 2009

BMW S1000RR takes on Japanese litre-class superbikes, and wins!


The BMW S1000RR goes up against the R1, Fireblade, GSX-R1000 and ZX-10R, and comes out on top! Pretty amazing...

...and now watch this!
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Anonymous said...

I could do without the traction control and other gadgetry, but it sure is a beautiful bike. Good for them for stirring things up. I can only imagine what the competition will come up now. It's a great time to be a motorcyclist, wooo hoooo!!!!!

hardboiled said...

I'm not surprised at this. The big four spend so much time following each other like sheep they've forgot to look behind themselves.

Anonymous said...

Wait until Honda brings out there new Fireblade.
Bye bye BMW.

UK Motorbike Blogs said...

Its about time that we as bikers should STOP buying bland Jap Cr*P!

They all make very similar bikes so they don't have to spend too much on R&D. Then we the bikers have had to put up with very slow advances over the last 10-12 yrs as they could have done so much more.

Now ENTER the Ducati and the BMW Supersports era, their bikes are head and shoulders above the Japanese bikes both in looks and specifications. So WHY would you wish to buy an inferior, bland machine when you can own a beautiful, superbly fast machine from a European Manufacturer.

Support these makers who have delivered the goods. 20 years ago NO ONE ever thought that we could catch up to the Japanese never mind overtake them. I KNOW what my next bike will be, Do YOU?

Anonymous said...

Err... UK motorcycle blogs, as befits somebody with blogs in their name, you don't know much about motorcycles, so I'm going to clue you in.

The Japanese produce performance machines for a PRICE. I'm sure if all the Japanese manufacturers decided to increase sell price by around $2000 USD then specs would see a similar increase. Ducati and BMW both produce extremely high performance machines, and they are, as a result, more expensive.

If we use UKmb Blogs formula, BMW's SS1000RR is a piece of shit compared to the DD16rr.

Tim said...

^ Yes. It'll be a cross-plane crankshaft R1.

THATS thinking outside the box, whereas the Beemer looks like just another UJM.

The Shrike said...


"Anonymous said...
Wait until Honda brings out there new Fireblade.
Bye bye BMW.
19 December, 2009"

Wait until BMW brings out the 2011 S1000RR with full development implementation of a rear of WSB racing. Bye bye Honda. Or... we could just rate things on delivered reality and not future speculation. Let me guess... you drive a..... Honda?

Anonymous said...

jap bikes all the same?
remember what they said about yamaha.

welcom to the eveything is different show.
yamaha with there fake v4, but with more caracter then a real v4.

bmw does a realy great job, and now the other factory's have to respond!!
sound crazy maybe but can't wait till 2011

Anonymous said...

Lots of J for the Japbikes.
There is no comparison between Japbikes and the rest. Frankly don't waste digital space and time for this.

Anonymous said...

Hey shit for brains a.k.a. "UK Motorbike Blogs" "Its about time that we as bikers should STOP buying bland Jap Cr*P!" Is what u stated,but funnily enough it seems like bmw ran out of ideas and there new 1000rr seems to be based on the exact look and shape of a YAMAHA R6 with the exception of one headlight and those gaps on the side of the fairing. Not very original for a european make bike.

UK Motorbike Blogs said...

Just to reply to the "Anonymous" people who are slagging off my comments. I said that compared to European bikes, that Jap bikes are bland and technologically inferior. Are you trying to say I am wrong, the Jap companies have been taking our money for years and they have slowed down on technological advances. This is why MOST great bikes have Brembo, Ohlins, equipment. Ask ANY racer what equipment he would have on his bike.

I don't understand why so many people are defending these Japanese corporations, probably because you have bought the Jap Crap. Save up a bit more cash and buy yourself a bike with a load more character, handling, technological advances etc. Try reading some magazines, you will see most of the testers would prefer a Ducati, MV Augusta, Aprilia over any of the Jap brands.

You probably don't like the truth because your riding the wrong bikes. I love Fireblades etc, but given the choice I am buying a Ducati for pleasure and a VF800 for commuting etc. End OF!

UK Motorbike Blogs said...

To Tim. To say that I don't know much about bikes shows how narrow minded you are. I DON'T think the same as you do. With such a jaded view about people I'm glad I am VERY diferent from YOU!.

I have ridden bikes for 38 years since I began riding off road at the age of 5, I competed in national level racing. I do 10+ track days per year. I have been given tuition by "Ron Haslam" himself. I presently have 4 bikes, including 2 Jap bikes and 2 European bikes.

I DO know a little bit about motorbikes. DickHead!

Its NOT my problem you can't afford a decent European bike.

UK Motorbike Blogs said...

SORRY Tim, I mixed you up with the Anonymous guys as I was a bit pissed when I wrote this. Day after Xmas Day hangover.


Anonymous said...

Aprilia swept the track floor with BMW so I'm gonna get me a R1 and a RSV4. ;-)

Honda has been coming with a better blade every year since the first 1000cc blade and has been coming with nothing but crap.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit of noob. Could somebody tell me which sport bike is fastest

Anonymous said...

Laughing at UK Motorbike Blog. Please ride a bike before posting such ludicrous crap.

No bike can be objectively considered the fastest, just like cars. I think overall consensus has it that the F4 is the best performing commercially produced stock bike. Then you have toys like the Desmosedici that is 3x more expensive and do a little better or exotics like the Vyrus.



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