Thursday, June 25, 2009

FIM announces new race series for electric motorcycles

In another few years, Valentino Rossi may be working as a test and development riders for lithium-ion battery-powered racebikes like this one...!

Following the successful TTXGP held on the Isle of Man on June 12 this year, the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) has decided to create an FIM Series for electric bikes in 2010. This new FIM Series will be run inside the Road Racing Grand Prix Commission and will be led by Azhar Hussain, founder of the TTXGP.

The FIM Series for electric bikes is aimed at providing an international platform for the development of electric racing bikes and the technology used therein. It will, according to FIM, ‘demonstrate that clean-emission transport technologies have matured and can be fun, fast and exciting.’

‘I am very happy with this new Series. The future of the sport depends on our capacity as well as that of the manufacturers to innovate quickly. We are convinced that very shortly, motorcycle racing world championships will be accessible to non-polluting engines. Now that this important decision is taken, we have to work on rules and calendar to be ready to compete in 2010,’ said FIM President, Vito Ippolito.

‘We hope this new championship will come to be seen as a milestone event in bringing new transportation technology to the world beyond motorcycling. We invite the best and the brightest in the world to join the global championship and be with us at the dawn of the next generation of motorsports,’ said TTXGP Founder Azhar Hussain.

In another 10 years, the IC engine might perhaps have disappeared completely and maybe motorcycle road racing will be all about lithium-ion battery-powered bikes. And we’ll still be missing those two-stroke 500cc racers which Schwantz, Rainey, Lawson, Doohan, Gardner and Rossi used to ride…


digitsu99 said...

Nice choice of pic, considering it's the bike that didn't even finish the ttxgp race.

Max said...

who cares, really. this whole electric racing bikes thing is a passing fad as far as I'm concerned. no, don't get me wrong. electric bikes are the future of transportation. they're cool for getting from A to B. and one day I'm sure they'll be ready to go racing. but for now, battery technology simply hasn't gotten to the point where electric bike racing would be even remotely interesting.

there's a time and a place for everything. electric racing bikes simply aren't ready to go mainstream just yet.

Anonymous said...

"this whole electric racing bikes thing is a passing fad."


I'd even argue that they'll ever be ready to go racing. Problem is lithium-ion's energy density is 300 watts/liter & gasoline's is 9700w/l.100 years of battery technology hasn't narrowed the gap, & never will.

Racing(?) these silly toys' novelty will quickly wear thin & the boredom of "silent" racing will drive spectators away in droves.

Mis-guided environmentalism is ALL that is driving this, & guilt can only go so far.

krellhonk said...

It's hilarious to listen to you people whining about electric-powered vehicles. As if you'll have a choice.

Let me outline your future options for when the oil runs out:

1) electric power
2) invent and bring into being on a global scale a sustainable, clean and affordable new power source
3) learn how to walk again

Anonymous said...

Actually...what is hilarious is people's ignorance when it comes to the amount of oil still in the ground.

Using current KNOWN resources there is OVER 3.6 TRILLION barrels (a mere 120 years worth) of recoverable oil using TODAY'S technology. This doesn't include vast unexplored areas (like US offshore areas) nor future improved means of extraction.

Yes krellhonk..YOU go buy a pair of new Nike's or a silly 2-wheeled golf cart. I'll be enjoying my motorcycle for many years to come, while you are waiting for the pipe dream of sustainable, clean (as if 99% pollution-free ICE engines aren't clean enough) affordable (hahahaha) power comes along.

Of course a few laws of thermodynamics & the law of diminshing returns will have to be repealed while we wait.

Batteries are a DEAD-END...face reality. 100 years of developement(?) & they are STILL a bad joke. How good is your lithium ion cell-phone battery?

freddyb said...

The easiest way to make this class of racing exciting for the fans is to hire monkeys to pilot the new machines. But seriously, do you think any of the manufacturers/competitors will try to poach top-tier riders? I'm guessing that success in the first few years of this class (assuming it lasts more than 1) will depend more on the (in)abilities and (un)reliability of the machines themselves.

Anonymous said...

Strikes me the FIM Want to lay claim to the genre by publishing a set of Regs in case some other organisation tries to step in

Anonymous said...

electric drag bikes are pretty quick

the Kilacycle does the 1/4 in 7,8 seconds

Blackswan (UK Team )are building a 1000hp lithium dragbike wich they reckon will break into the sixes

Grant Connor said...

Yes there have been electric vehiles around as long as there have been gas cars. Battery technology has changed quite a bit in the last ten years from the traditional lead sulfuric acid batteries. In 1909 a motorcycle was a gas powered bicycle. A V-twin literbike produced 14 hp. Now a MotoGP puts out 200 hp and needs traction control to harness that power. An electric motor puts out peak torque at low rpm and maximum current draw. The new FIM regs allow a much sleeker fairing for the electrics so drag will be less than half. Look for capacitors that allow great late braking and acceleration out of the turns. Racing is one part technology and two parts promotion ala NASCAR and Formula One. What will be the shape of motorcycle racing in five years? Manufacturer pro teams come and go. AMA pro racing changed hands and MotoGP is in flux. If the competition is close and marketable personalities emerge, who knows.

Dontsendimdaahn said...

Electric vehicle development needs a series. Competition and glory drive development as much as adversity. The oil will run out, that's pretty adverse.

Anyone who's powered out of a corner on a track and felt the tyre struggling for grip knows that this series will be exciting. I think it quite likely that electric bikes will outperform petrol ones within 10 years. Combustion wastes a lot of energy in heat and sound. Electricity is far more efficient in this respect already.



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