Friday, November 30, 2007

Gary Coleman donates a YZR500 to the MHFM

This two-stroke, 500cc Yamaha YZR500 GP bike was raced from 1992 to 1996...
Pics: The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum

Gary Coleman, who owned an early-1990s Yamaha YZR500 grand prix racebike, has donated the machine to The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum. Coleman had bought the bike from Padgett's Motorcycles back in 1998. Two-stroke, 500cc GP racers from the 1980s and 90s are hard to come by these days, and recently, a machine similar to Coleman's bike is said to have sold for about US$100,000 in the UK!

Built by the UK-based Harris Performance, Coleman’s YZR500 packs a two-stroke 499cc V4, fed by a quartet of 35mm Mikuni flat-slide carbs. Power output was 170bhp at 12,500rpm, the bike weighed 130kg dry and top speed was 290km/h. The YZR’s twin-spar chassis is made of aluminium and carbonfibre bits and Ohlins suspension components are used at both ends. Wheels are Dymag, carbon-steel brakes are by Brembo.

Coleman’s Yamaha was raced in the 500cc class from 1992 to 1996 and riders included Terry Rymer, John Reynolds, and Toshiyuki Arakaki. The bike notched three ninth-place and five tenth-place finishes over its racing career. After the end of its GP racing career, this YZR500 was also raced at the Isle of Man TT.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Peugeot that’s as wild as a Lamborghini!

He has a 100bhp Peugeot V6 in there. Your Hayabusa will blow him into the weeds, but the V6 can't be beat for sheer style!

Pics: Moto Caradisiac

We think bikes powered by six-cylinder engines are fun – witness the Honda CBX, Laverda V6, Honda Evo6 and Suzuki Stratosphere. Based in France, Michel Guédon also seems to like six-cylinder motorcycles, which is probably why he built one of his own - the bike you see here - back in the early-1990s.

The bike, which weighs 330 kilos dry, is powered by a 100bhp, 2664cc, V6 engine taken from a Peugeot 604. Brakes are Brembo units, the front fork is a Marzocchi item, and the chassis and transmission have been designed and built by Mr Guédon himself. We don’t know if the Peugeot bike will handle, and 100bhp doesn’t sound like much in this day and age of 180bhp GSX-Rs. But we’d still have one for the sheer spectacle alone…

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Stoner vs Rossi: The battle continues…

Now that he's on Bridgestones, The Doctor is happy. And fast...

In 2007, Stoner won the MotoGP world championship and Rossi had one of his worst seasons ever, finishing in third place behind Stoner and Pedrosa. Of course, finishing in third place in the MotoGP world championship would not be such a bad thing for most racers. But for Rossi…?

Anyway, The Doctor will be pushing hard – perhaps harder than he’s ever pushed – to make a comeback in 2008. Rossi tested his new Bridgestone-shod Yamaha at Jerez yesterday, and said he’s already convinced he’s done the right thing by leaving Michelin! Rossi’s best time of 1:40:514 was 0.293 seconds slower than Stoner’s (who was also testing the Ducati GP8 there…) best time, and 0.159 seconds than Pedrosa’s best, but 0.4 seconds faster than his own fastest lap time, which he clocked during the 2007 Spanish MotoGP in March this year.

‘The first impression is good and I am happy. Having these tyres is not like having a magic wand to fix our problems but the stability in acceleration is good and I am fast for the whole day – from this morning to the afternoon – with some different conditions. The tyres are exactly what I expected,’ said Rossi. He also admitted that he would have to adapt his riding style to the new tyres. ‘The front I have to understand a little more because I have to ride a little bit differently,’ said The Doctor.

Bridgestones or no Bridgestones, Rossi will be fighting this man - Mr Stoner - every inch of the way in 2008. It's not going to be easy...

We expect Rossi to get faster over the next two months, as his broken hand mends, as he gets more familiar with Bridgestone rubber and as Yamaha make improvements to the YZR-M1. Of course, Stoner will also be right there – every inch of the way. And if anything, he’ll be faster, more confident and more aggressive in 2008. The reigning MotoGP world champ also tested his new bike – the Ducati GP8 – at Jerez, and was the fastest of the lot, despite having a major crash during the day.

Talking about the Ducati GP8, Stoner said, ‘It's pretty similar to what we rode last season. Today we were quite a bit faster than we were when we raced here back in March, which is very important because we have improved at a track that used to be a bit difficult for us.’

So, the signs are all good and the Stoner vs Rossi rivalry looks all set to continue in 2008. And now that Rossi will be on Bridgestones and Yamaha will (hopefully…) make a bike that actually goes, turns and stops without blowing up, the battles should be fiercer than ever. We can’t wait for the 2008 MotoGP season to begin…!

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Friday, November 23, 2007

2008 KTM 990 Supermoto unveiled at the NEC Show

The 2008 KTM 990 Supermoto is here!

KTM have unveiled the new 990 Supermoto at the NEC show in Birmingham, in the UK. The bike’s second-generation LC8 v-twin gets a Keihin engine management system, fuel-injection and a displacement hike – the 999cc mill now makes 115bhp, instead of the older 950 model’s 96 horsepower.

The chassis is tubular chrome-molybdenum steel, with an aluminium subframe for added strength. Suspension components are WP units – USD fork at front, adjustable monoshock at the back – while brakes are Brembo items. The 990 Supermoto rides on 17-inch wheels wearing 120/70 (front) and 180/55 (rear) ZR-rated rubber. Fuel tank capacity in 19 litres and the bike weighs 191kg dry.

In the meanwhile, the hardcore KTM 950 Supermoto R continues as before for now – it’ll probably get the 999cc engine (and other chassis/suspension updates…) a few weeks down the line.

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Iceman II: Hardcore chopper for F1 ace Kimi Raïkkönen

The Iceman II is suitably understated and menacing. Should be perfect for an F1 champ!

Pics: Moto Revue

It seems all the F1 guys are riding bikes these days. First it was Michael Schumacher who recently got to ride Stoner’s Ducati and amazed everyone with his speed. Now it’s current F1 world champ, Kimi Räikkönen, who’s gotten a chance to ride. No, not a MotoGP machine, but a one-off chopper – the Iceman II – made for him by Marcus Walz, of Hardcore Cycles.

The Iceman II’s Harley engine has been tuned to produce 120bhp, and the carbonfibre bodywork is painted in Ferrari-red. More details on the Hardcore Cycles website here.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Four-cylinder BMW superbike caught testing…

Yamaha R6? No, it's a BMW...!
Pic: Motoblog

No, despite the R6 bodywork, the bike you see here isn’t a Yamaha. It is, in fact, BMW’s 2009 superbike in disguise. According to a report on Motoblog, the pic was clicked by somebody from Motociclismo, who happened to see the bike during a test session.

As we’ve reported earlier, BMW are working on a 1000cc, four-cylinder superbike with which they hope to go racing in WSBK in 2009. Going by the picture, this bike is likely to be nice and compact (the R6 bodywork seems to fit nicely, indicating compact dimensions…) and will have feature conventional chassis and suspension components. Chassis will be twin-spar aluminium beam, and suspension will be USD forks at the front and adjustable monoshock at the back. Final drive will be by chain, rather than shaft or belt.

The best part, of course, is that BMW are aiming for a 1:1 power:weight ratio with this bike – 190 horsepower in a 190kg bike. The person who saw the bike being tested says the bike seemed to be agile and very well balanced in the corners, powering out of bends hard and fast, putting down the power cleanly. BMW are expected to use cutting-edge traction-control technology on this bike, which might have had something to do with the fast lap times which the bike seemed to be doing…

Anyway, it’s still a long wait – don’t expect to see official pictures of this bike before another 12 months at least!

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2008 Yamaha R6 now ready to race!

The 2008 R6 is all set to race! Looks good too...
Pic: MCN

If the stock, 133bhp YZF-R6 wasn’t enough already, Yamaha have gone ahead and revealed a range of race-spec bits for the bike. There’s a new kit which allows the slipper clutch (standard fitment on the R6) to be adjusted, clutch springs are stronger, there’s a higher pressure oil pump to deal with the rigours of racing, and an Akrapovic exhaust system helps boost power. Racers also have the option of choosing different gear ratios if they wish.

Cylinder heads get new cams – standard lift but with longer duration – and the standard R6’s variable length inlet tracts have been replaced with fixed inlets for bigger power numbers. (The variable length tract is supposed to optimise power delivery across a wider rev range – good for the street, not needed on the track.) Different head gaskets are also available, for higher compression ratios.

An R6 with added oomph has to got to be a good thing...

Finally, the racing R6 gets a brand-new ECU with new software and a different fuel map, which is supposed to maximise power delivery. You also get a cable with which to hook up this ECU to your laptop and tweak it according to your needs! Racers who need more information on pricing and availability can try sending an email to

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The Spanish Traffic Police have just taken delivery of 300 of these BMW R1200RT bikes. Special equipment includes a police siren and a public address system
Pic: DailyMotos

Monday, November 19, 2007

Running Rich: The US$270,000 Ecosse Heretic Titanium

Doesn't look like something that's that expensive, eh...?

Here are the numbers – the Heretic Titanium weighs 192 kilos, is powered by a supercharged, fuel-injected, 2147cc v-twin that makes 207 horsepower, and the bike costs about US$270,000 – making this Ecosse the most expensive motorcycle in the world right now.

The Heretic’s engine is made from a solid block of aluminum, the chassis and swingarm are made of titanium, bodywork is carbonfibre, suspension components are Ohlins units, brakes are GP-quality six-piston units (made by Sweden-based ISR) and each bike is fitted with an expensive BRM chronograph. More pics and details on the Ecosse website here, and video on the Robb Report site here.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

MV Agusta Brutale 1078RR declared most beautiful bike at EICMA

The 2008 Brutale 1078RR. Beautiful!

And if the standard Brutale 1078RR is not enough, here are some tarted-up variants...

Looks like even after all these years, Massimo Tamburini’s work is still hard to beat. Designed by Tamburini and first seen back in 2001, the MV Agusta Brutale is still winning beauty contests in 2007. At this year’s EICMA show in Milan, Motociclismo magazine asked visitors to vote for the bike which they thought was the most beautiful, and the 2008 Brutale 1078RR won, with 25.7 percent of visitors voting in its favour. The Ducati Monster 696 came in second with 15.2 percent votes, while the BMW HP2 Sport was in third place, with 9.2 percent votes.

The Brutale 1078RR Challenge. Get ready to race!

The Brutale 1078RR will go on sale early next year, along with its siblings, the Brutale 989R and the 910S. With 154 bhp from its inline-four, the 1078RR is the most powerful naked bike MV have ever built. Which is probably why there is an MV Agusta Brutale race series planned for 2008. Called the ‘Brutale Challenge,’ this will be a six-race, one-make series, with up to 36 riders in the fray. Want to take part? Download the Brutale Challenge registration form (PDF format) here.
(Note: The form is in Italian. We could not find an English version.)

Friday, November 16, 2007

Downsized Triple: The 2008 Benelli 899

The 2008 Benelli 899S. Nice...
Pic: Motorevue

The very stylish Benelli TNT 1130 now has a smaller sibling – the TNT 899. The new bike is powered by Benelli’s 899cc, three-cylinder engine that makes a respectable 117bhp, which should make for adequate performance in a machine weighing 199kg dry. Apart from the base model 899, there will also be a TNT 899S, which will get a few carbonfibre parts and a different seat. At about US$18,000 the 899S will be a thousand bucks more expensive than the base model bike. Seems nice enough, though we’d still take the full-house 1130…

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Face off: 1974 MV Agusta 500 vs 2007 Ducati GP7!

Giacomo Agostini says the Ducati GP7's power is "incredible!"

After almost a quarter of a century, an Italian bike is once again on top in motorcycle grand prix racing!
Pics: Motoblog

Who’s the greatest Italian bike manufacturer of all time – MV Agusta or Ducati? That’s a tough question. Ducati machines have dominated World Superbikes in the last two decades, winning multiple championships and leaving Japanese manufacturers trying to play catch-up-with-Ducati. This year, the Italian company also dominated MotoGP, with Casey Stoner and his GP7 completely crushing Honda and Yamaha teams.

MV Agusta, on the other hand, haven’t done much on the motorcycle racing scene in recent years. But then, from 1958 to 1974, they did win 17 consecutive motorcycle grand prix racing world championships in the 500cc class – an incredible feat, and something that isn’t likely to be repeated, ever.

Which is why we think Motociclismo pulled off a coup of sorts when they got Giacomo Agostini and Ducati test rider Vittoriano Guareschi together at the Monza circuit in Italy, riding the 2007 Ducati GP7 and the 1974 MV Agusta 500 GP racer (on which Phil Read won the 500cc world championship that year, and which would be MV’s last world championship to date…) back to back!

So which one would you have? :-)

The MV 500 racebike is now owned by Gualdo Elli, one of the world's biggest collectors of MV Agusta bikes. Ducati Corse, of course, brought the all-conquering GP7 to the party. ‘They are two completely different worlds. The technology driving the older bike is not comparable with what is available today. Back then, the pilot had to check thousands of parameters simultaneously, while modern electronics make that task much easier. The power of the Ducati is incredible,’ said Agostini after riding both bikes.

The full story is not available online – for that, you’ll have to buy a copy of the Italian Motociclismo. Visit their website here for more information!

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Here's something GSX-R fans should like...!!

2008 Hyosung GT650X and RX450SM ready to hit the streets

The 2008 Hyosung GT650X. Could prove to be a very good entry-level bike...
Pics: MCN

Korea’s biggest bike manufacturer, Hyosung had first shown the GT650X concept about a year ago, and now the bike is finally ready to go into production. It still uses the same 647cc v-twin as before, but the engine now gets fuel injection and a new oil cooler. (The same engine also powers the Fischer MRX, and it’s been rumoured that Cagiva will use this engine in the Mito 650…)

The 2008 Hyosung GT650X has an all-new chassis – a steel tube trellis / aluminium beam hybrid – and the braced aluminium swingarm is also new. The headlamp assembly, fuel tank, all body panels and the alloy wheels have been redesigned, the taillamp is now an LED unit and the exhaust system is a short, stubby little item – the kind which is currently fashionable. Front brakes are twin 300mm discs, gripped by four-piston calipers.

The 2008 Hyosung RX450SM...
Pic: Motoblog

Hyosung have also shown the new RX450SM, their first supermoto. The bike uses a 450cc, liquid-cooled single that makes 50 horsepower. The chassis is (a rather weedy looking) tubular steel unit, while the swingarm is made of aluminium. 45mm USD forks have been fitted at the front, while the rear features a fully adjustable monoshock. Brakes are Brembo units and the bike weighs only 120kg dry.

For details on pricing and availability, visit the Hyosung website here.

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...and this is the 30th Anniversary Special Edition Hyosung Aquila GV650

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rossi says he may move to Ducati if Yamaha don’t improve...

Rossi finished third in the 2007 MotoGP world championship, and he's unhappy with that. Very unhappy...

Valentino Rossi finished in third place in the 2007 MotoGP world championship, and he’s making it amply clear that he’s not at all happy with that. With Rossi not having been able to win the MotoGP world championship for two consecutive seasons, and Yamaha having hired Jorge Lorenzo to run with Rossi next year, it now looks like the Rossi-Yamaha combo might not last beyond the 2008 season.

Rossi wants to make sure he wins at least one more MotoGP world championship before he retires, and The Doctor is willing to do whatever it takes to do that. He’s already shunned Michelin and will be racing on Bridgestones next year. And according to a report on, Rossi’s been dropping hints about moving to Ducati if Yamaha don’t shape up quickly.

‘All the Japanese underestimated Ducati this season. Ducati was intelligent and aggressive, and worked better. We were competitive with Honda, but they had the money and people required to catch up [to Ducati] more quickly. This is where Yamaha has been lacking,’ says Rossi. ‘Yamaha has never had the quickest motorcycle but this year we were 15-20 km/h slower. And every time we've tried something new, it has broken. We need to make big changes to win the title again. We need more capable people and more money,’ concludes an obviously very unhappy Rossi.

Here at Faster and Faster, we still very much believe in The Doctor and we think he’s one of the most talented riders – perhaps the most talented rider – in MotoGP, ever. Says Rossi, ‘I still have a lot of desire to fight, but I need tyres and a machine that are competitive. We will wait and see how the Yamaha, especially the engine, improves for next year. If it is not competitive then there is nothing more we can do. I have good relations with both Ducati and Honda, but Ducati would be my preferred option because it is Italian!’

So there we are, the five-time MotoGP world champ has spoken and now it’s up to Yamaha to clean up their act and give Rossi a machine that can really go head to head against Stoner’s Ducati in 2008. If not, Rossi may move to Ducati. And like Rossi says, ‘I do not believe that Stoner would say no. Maybe he would want to measure himself against me with the same motorcycle…’

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On the left is a scooter - the Malaguti F12R Phanton - for Stoner fans, and on the right is the very cool MV Agusta Brutale Hydrogen, for the fashion-conscious...

2008 Derbi Mulhacen Cafe 659 Angel Nieto LE shown at the EICMA

The 2008 Mulhacén Café 659 Angel Nieto LE
Pic: DailyMotos

Derbi are now showing a new version of the Mulhacen, at the EICMA in Milan. The Mulhacen Cafe 659 Angel Nieto Limited Edition. This rather good looking bike is fitted with a digital instrument panel, 17-inch alloy wheels, steel beam perimeter chassis, gold anodized 43mm USD Marzocchi forks, adjustable Sachs monoshock, and Brembo brakes with a 320mm brake disc at front.

Derbi have released this limited edition bike in tribute to Angel Nieto, a national hero in Spain. Considered to be one of the greatest motorcycle roadracers of all time, Nieto specialized in racing smaller displacement – 50cc, 80cc, and 125cc – bikes, and when he retired in 1986, he had 90 Grand Prix victories and 13 World Championships to his name!

Based on the original Mulhacen ‘scrambler,’ the Cafe 659 LE is powered by the same single-cylinder, four-valve, Yamaha-Minarelli 659cc engine that’s now been made Euro 3 compliant. Derbi say the ergonomics have been reworked and the bike is suitable for longer journeys. This limited edition bike will be available from June 2008 onwards. More details on the Derbi website here.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bring the Bling: Ducati Hypermotard 1100S

The Hypermotard 1100S sure does look like it can be a bit of fun to ride...

Pics: Motoblog

For those who might not be happy with the standard Hypermotard, Ducati are now showing the Hypermotard 1100S at the EICMA in Milan. The bike is endowed with a few extras that should, if nothing else, help impress your mates down at the pub. For example, there’s 50mm USD Marzocchi front forks, with DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating for reduced stiction, and fully adjustable Öhlins monoshock at the back.

The Hypermotard 1100S also gets Brembo brakes with monobloc calipers at the front, Marchesini forged alloy wheels (which are lighter than the standard items and help reduce unsprung weight…) and Pirelli Diablo Corsa tyres, which are said to offer very high levels of grip. Various carbonfibre bits are used throughout the 1100S, which is only available in red and black. Now all you need to do is learn how to get it sideways like Ruben Xaus…

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More 2008 machines. From left: The strange new Honda DN-01 and the Triumph Rocket III Touring. More details on these bikes here and here



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