Saturday, March 24, 2007

Acabion GTBO 70: Mad Max lives!

That's the Acabion GTBO 70. Imagine blowing past your boss's Porsche in this!

If you thought your Hayabusa or ZZR1400 is the fastest thing around on two wheels, you probably wouldn’t want to meet the Acabion GTBO. This 300-kilo two-seater is powered by a turbocharged, DOHC, 16-valve, 1400cc inline-four (with twin intercoolers), which makes 700 horsepower. Yeah, that’s right, 700bhp. And that gives it a power-to-weight ratio of 2.3:1, while even the latest GSX-R1000 potters around with a humble 1:1.

"I wonder if there's steak for dinner today...?"

The GTBO 70’s top speed is in the region of 600km/h, which should come in handy if you’re ever running late for office. Then again, if the wife thinks that’s a bit too much, you can always tell her that the Acabion is limited to a really sensible 450km/h for road use. What the hell, you’d still blow the doors off your boss’s Lamborghini. Even a Bugatti Veyron would be toast if it went up against a GTBO 70 – the Acabion can do things like accelerate from 200km/h to 300km/h in less than 5 seconds…

With its 700bhp and 600km/h top speed, the Acabion is the 'bike' to have if you like riding fast...

Made in Switzerland of all places, the Acabion GTBO 70 has carbonfibre bodywork and chassis, sequential six-speed gearbox, and two Swiss-made MAXON electric engines for low-speed operation. Yes, it’s a hybrid! And its manufacturers claim that the Acabion is far more fuel efficient than any existing petrol or diesel car, and that it can do up to 40km/l.

Between 2007 and 2011, Acabion plan to build only 26 units of the GTBO. If you’re rich and/or mad enough to want one, visit the company website here for more details.

Update (9th October 2007): From January 2008 onwards, the Acabion GTBO will be fitted with the new Hayabusa's 1340cc engine, tuned to 750bhp. Yeah, that's right, seven hundred and fifty horsepower!

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"GSX-Rs are for moped riders!"


unskinnybob said...

Fastest thing on 2 wheels... yet I cound 4 wheels.

Anonymous said...

the 2 small wheels on the sides are retractable. they go up once the bike gathers speed, leaving only two wheels in contact with the tarmac... :-)

Anonymous said...

why hasn't this thing been featured on a program like Top Gear or Fifth Gear? Bike mags haven't written about it either. Does this Acabion GTBO even exist or is it a figment of somebody's imagination?

blow_by_you said...

so ok, it's fast. but it looks crap and it sure as hell won't handle twisty mountain roads. I'd rather have a CBR600RR... ;-D

Anonymous said...

What a piece of bullshit. Looks ugly as hell. That aint no bike. looks like a rocketship from the twilight zone.

panman said...

Real men ride HARLEY'S. Girly men play golf and ride jap crap.

Anonymous said...

alright Gov. Groper, then why are you reading this site when HDs are not published as often as non-HD bikes?

It is interesting from an engineering and fuel efficiency perspective, but I'll take something that can handle the corners over straight line speed every time

Anonymous said...

These claims are grossly inflated. Check the Bonneville motorcycle speed records. The streamliners with a lot more horse power than this don't go faster than 600 kph. There's more to going very fast than bolting on turbo chargers and putting them in stream liner. Go to a salt lake and prove these claims you bullshit artists.

Anonymous said...

I dont make a habit of bringing harley riders into reality, UNLESS they want to flont their delusions in front of us.

Mr, "only real men drive harleys...."

Harleys are good for two things - sound and look (if you like that look) Harleys are heavy, slow, they handle like crap, have poor brakes, engine balancing problems, oil starvation problems, cooling problems, all due to old antiquated designs. Because this low tech /low performance machine is useless on a race track (yes i know peole drag harleys blah blAH - SHW ME ONE THAT DOES 9.7 IN THE 1/4 OUT OF THE BOX), useless on the street for anything other than noise pollution, it is in fact NOT "real" men that drive harelys. In fact statistically the percentages are whoosy yuppy white collar middle aged depressed because their wife is sleeping with the mailman types.
Your "real men" are busy using athletic ability, skills and technical knowledge to develop new tecnolgy that furthers the sport.

This enclosed 450k/hour thing may be a motorcycle by definition, but it really has nothing to offer a motorcyclist. In fact, becaus it is so limiting to body movement, which is integral in handling a motorcycle and driving safely,(unless you are a fat harley driving poser in which case your bike is probably parked outside the pool hall) i think this car would prove to be dangerous in the hands of the normal auto driver.
Two wheel cornering and braking dynamics are too complex for someone to actually get - unless they have ridden a motorcycle.



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